News Bulletin
Released weekly by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

December 28, Vol. 5, No. 55

Highlights of 2005 in Kazakhstan

December 21, Vol. 5, No. 54

Dignitaries View Ancient Artifacts of Kazakhstan, Congratulate President and People on Independence
Kazakh Independence Celebrated in Tucson
Kazakhstan Ratifies UN Civil and Political Rights Pact
Kazakhstan Inaugurates Oil Pipeline to China, Heralding New Era in Regional Energy Progress
Kazakh Firm Joins London’s FTSE 100, More Kazakh Listings to Come

December 16, Vol. 5, No. 53
Independence Day Special

Anniversary and progress in Kazakhstan
By Kanat B. Saudabayev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan
The Washington Times, December 16, 2005, Page A22

December 7, Vol. 5, No. 52
Special Election Edition

Observers Say Election Is Step Forward, More Work Remains
Foreign Minister Says Kazakhs’ Free Choice Should Be Respected
Modern Touches Seen in Kazakh Election
Observers Call Election A “Step Forward”, Say Delivery Will Be Critical for President
World Leaders Congratulate Nazarbayev on Reelection
President Welcomes Constructive Opposition in Country, Says Economic Growth, Better Living Standards Are Priorities

December 4, Vol. 5, No. 51
Election NIght Special

Nazarbayev Returns as President in Landslide Victory

November 29, Vol. 5, No. 50

First Exit Polls Set for December 4, Researches Seek Data
Major National Media Cover Nazarbayev, Tuyakbai, Baimenov
Election Officials Put Final Touches On Ahead of Vote
Kazakhstan Will Repay $849,000,000 in Loans Ahead of Schedule
Kazakhstan Could Need 60 to 70 New Passenger Planes by 2015
Astana Set to Enjoy Winter with New Ice City and Skating Canal

November 22, Vol. 5, No. 49

President Ratifies Membership in UN Rights Pact
Poll Shows Nazarbayev with 76 Percent Support, 75 Percent of Voters Intend to Vote
Real GDP Shows Nine Percent Growth in 10 Months
Gov’t Opens One Stop Shops in Astana to Fight Corruption
Kazakhstan Pours Money into Biotechnology
Kazakhstan Will Be Ready for WTO in First Half of Next Year
Kazakh Boxers Win Two Gold, Three Bronze Medals, Punching Their Way to Victory in China

November 18, Vol. 5, No. 48

Candidates Square off in First Ever TV Election Debates
CEC Chair: Observers Will Get Vote Count on Spot,
Full Results to Be Announced 24 Hours Later
Government to Send Election Law Amendment to Parliament
New Pipeline to China Opens December 15
Kazakh Teenager World’s Youngest Weightlifting Champion
Take Democratization Slowly, So That Everyone Wins

November 10, Vol. 5, No. 47

Kazakh Contribution to Normal Life in Iraq Grows
An American Mom Brightens the Day for Kazakh Soldiers in Iraq
CEC Leaves No Stone Unturned In Search for Increased Transparency
New Media Center Ready to Help Journalists Cover Election
Parliament Approves 2006 Budget, Continued GDP Growth Seen

November 3, Vol. 5, No. 46

Hastings Calls For Fair Vote, Hopes Kazakhstan Will Chair OSCE
OSCE Observation Mission Eyes Campaign, Report Due Soon
Parliament Ratifies UN Civil and Political Rights Covenant
U.S. Strategy in Central Asia: Balancing Security, Energy, Regional Economic Cooperation and Democratic Reforms
World Bank Says More and Better Jobs Needed to Sustain Growth and Poverty Reduction in Eastern Europe and FSU
Small Businesses Get Major Boost, 200,000 New Jobs Created
Kazakhstan Shows First Fruits of National Innovation Strategy
“Kazakh Crash Courses” Offered by University of Arizona

October 28, Vol. 5, No. 45

Presidential Campaigns Opens, Five in Running
CEC Accredits Almost 100 Foreign Observers
Economic Growth Underpins Democracy, Says Nazarbayev
Embassy Marks 14th National Day
Measure Calling for Jury Trials Moving Through Parliament
Energy Minister Calls for NGOs to Actively Participate in EITI

October 20, Vol. 5, No. 44

Presidential Election Campaign Heats Up
Rumsfeld to Visit Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s GDP Leaps Nine Percent in Nine Months

October 8, Vol. 5, No. 43

Special edition

Kazakhstan and NTI Mark Success of HEU Blend-Down Project; Material Could Have Been Used To Make Up To Two Dozen Nuclear Bombs

October 6, No. 5, No. 42

Special edition

Rice Will Visit Kazakhstan Next Week

September 29, Vol. 5, No. 41

Washington Premiere Set for The Hunter 
OSCE Media Freedom Representative Will Visit Kazakhstan
Major News Media Sign Clean Election Charter
Kazakh Peace Biker Gets Warm Reception in Tucson

September 22, Vol. 5, No. 40

Drug Abuse “Colossal Problem” in Kazakhstan, PM Says, As UN Reports High Level of Opium Production in Afghanistan
Kazakhstan Joins Anti-Nuclear Terrorism Convention
Nine Candidates Stand for President
Thousands of Students Celebrate First Flag Day
European Golfing Challenge Tour Opens in Kazakhstan

September 16, Vol. 5, No. 39
Special Election Edition

President Nazarbayev Calls for Free and Transparent Elections
As Key to Continued Economic and Democratic Development
- Democracy Building is Hard Work
- Free, Fair and Transparent Election a Must
- Strengthening Middle Class and Private Property Protection Are Priorities
- Modern Education Crucial
- Kazakhstan Determined to Seek OSCE Chairmanship

September 12, Vol. 5, No. 38

Kazakhstan Making Progress in Drive to Diversify Oil-Based Economy

September 7, Vol. 5, No. 37

Kazakhstan Aids Katrina Victims
Nazarbayev Meets Clinton in Almaty
Presidential Election Set for December 4
MIT-Supported Innovation Contest Opens in Kazakhstan

August 31, Vol. 5, No. 36

First Kazakh Satellite to Be in Space by End of 2005
Kazakhstan Sets Sail for Caspian
Anniversary of First Nuclear Test Brings More Hope for Victims
Population Grows, Higher Birth Rates, 106 Boys per 100 Girls

August 30, Vol. 5, No. 35

A Decade Later, Constitution Still Lynchpin of Success

August 26, Vol. 5, No. 34

Constitutional Council Rules NGO Bills Unconstitutional
Constitutional Council Backs Presidential Election Dec. 4
Tokaev Tells Washington We Are With You
2006 Draft Budget Approved, 8.3 Percent GDP Growth Expected
President Answers People’s Questions in Live TV Phone-In
Senate Election in Kazakhstan Strengthen Otan’s Position
BTA Gets US$25 Million SME Loan from Wachovia
New Ministers of Transport and Communications, and Agriculture

August 25, Vol. 5, No. 33

Special edition
A Stronger Economy Leads to Greater Democracy, Says Tokaev

August 17, Vol. 5, No. 32

Security Chief Says International Terrorists Trying to Set Up Training Centers in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Will Join Transparency Initiative in October
“American University in Kazakhstan” Will Offer Western Education in Almaty
People of Different Faiths Join Together for Peace March
First Multistory Parking Opens in Almaty

August 10, Vol. 5, No. 31

Dam Splits Aral Sea, New Boost for Northern Part Seen
Kazakhstan to Join BTC Pipeline in October
Kazakhstan May Accede to WTO in 2006, President Says
Asian Security Organization Takes Measured Steps
Orphaned Kazakh Sisters Reunite by Chance
Kazakhstan Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak

August 1, Vol. 5, No. 30

Bush Calls Kazakhstan’s Stability and Prosperity a ‘Model’
Almaty Files Bid for 2014 Winter Olympic Games
First Half of 2005 Show 9.1% Grows in Economy, Plus 2% Drop in Unemployment
Kazakhstan’s Cyclist Wins Tour de France’s Last Stage

July 22, Vol. 5, No. 29

A Look at Kazakhstan’s History: a Guide for the Future

Kazakhstan has a rich past. Its geographical and geopolitical position has played a vital role in promoting the country’s development. Located in the center of Eurasia, Kazakhstan has long found itself at the crossroads of the world’s most ancient civilizations and trade routes. It has been a land of social, economic and cultural exchange between East and West, North and South, and between the major players in Eurasia. At different stages of its history, various states emerged and developed in the land which became today’s Kazakhstan. All contributed to Kazakh culture.

July 14, Vol. 5, No. 28

Kazakhstan’s Vinokourov Wins Tour’s 11th Stage, Armstrong Leads Overall
‘Kazakhstan’s Switzerland’ Gets Improved Infrastructure
IMF Commends Kazakhstan’s Economic Policies, Urges Continued Efficient Management of Wealth
President Signs Offshore PSA Law
Unemployment Down to 8% in Second Quarter

July 7, Vol. 5, No. 27   

Special edition

Astana Summit Brings New Horizons for SCO

June 29, Vol. 5, No. 26

Shanghai Cooperation Organization to Welcome India, Iran, Pakistan
Eurasian Jewish Diaspora Offers Help in MidEast Mediation
Foreign Minister Meets U.S. Ambassador, Attends Canada Day Reception
Candidates Stand for Senate Election in August
Eurasian Economic Community Creates Bank
Government to Limit Expenditures on Self

June 22, Vol. 5, No. 25

Russia Approves Baikonur Deal with Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan to Develop National Anti-Drug Program
The Nomads Set to Premier in Astana and Almaty in July, Miramax to Distribute Movie in U.S. and English Speaking World
Kazakh Volleyball Team Qualifies for 2006 World Cup
Saiga Population Plummets, Urgent Help Required

June 15, Vol. 5, No. 24

Caspian Border Guards Get New Kazakh Built Cutter
Dynamic Growing Relationship Sought with U.S.
Astana Supports Bolashak with 2.3 Billion Tenge, New Center
Average Kazakh Monthly Salary Grows to US$240
Population Numbers Show Slight Growth
Kazakh, Russian Experts Work to Develop Tourism at Baikonur

June 8, Vol. 5, No. 23

Kazakhstan, Russia Celebrate 50 Years of Baikonur, Launch Ambitious Joint Space Project “Baiterek”
Nazarbayev Says Relations with U.S. “Particularly Important”, Lists Security and Nonproliferation Cooperation as Priorities
Foreign Ministers Plan Shanghai Group July Summit, Call for Pakistan to Be Admitted as Observer
First Kazakh Woman Graduates from West Point
Kazakh Army Engineers Destroy Huge Weapons Cache in Iraq

June 1, Vol. 5, No. 22

Yushchenko Visits Kazakhstan, Seeks Broader Cooperation in Energy and Space
Harvard Professors Help Kazakhstan Develop Economic Policies
Kazakhs Honor Victims of Political Repression

May 27, Vol. 5, No. 21

President Nazarbayev Attends BTC Opening in Baku, Talks Cooperation with U.S. Energy Secretary
Election Officials Gear Up for 2005 Polls
Kazakhstan’s Development Bank Called ‘Most Dynamic’ by Euromoney, Seeks Larger Regional Role
US Ex-Im Bank Provides US$48 Million Guarantee for State of the Art Telecom Network in Kazakhstan
Gov’t Contemplates Almaty Centered Tourism Cluster

May 20, Vol. 5, No. 20

Kazakhstan Progresses toward WTO Membership, Seeks More U.S. Business at Upcoming Conference
President Says Common Economic Space Will Benefit All
Motorola Signs New $100 Million Deal in Kazakhstan
Parliament Approves New Law on Caspian PSAs

May 13, Vol. 5, No. 19

Democracy Building and Trade Top Agenda of Massimov’s Visit to U.S.
Astana Keen to Promote Small and Medium Sized Businesses
Gov’t to Create Free Economic Zone in Cotton Producing South
American Style “Reality TV” Reaches Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan: A Warm Welcome Awaits Business Travelers

May 5, Vol. 5, No. 18

IPR Law Changes Should Smooth Way to WTO
Congressmen Urge President Bush to Support Kazakh Progress
Terrorist Organization’s Case Reaches Kazakh Court
Kazakhstan Ranks Third in World’s Uranium Production
Kazakh Cell Phone Users Outnumber Land Line Users

April 29, Vol. 5, No. 17

Astana Moves Ahead with Assistance to Bishkek
Central Asian Issues Focus of Think Tanks
Rep. Radanovich Applauds Kazakhstan’s Non-nuclear Choice
Kazakhstan’s Vinokourov Wins Liege-Bastogne-Liege Race

April 21, Vol. 5, No. 16

President Nazarbayev, Recalling FDR’s Four Freedoms, Says Kazakhstan Enjoys Them Today
Kazakh Environmentalist Wins Goldman Prize
Majilis Deputy Calls on Gov’t to Help Victims of Nuclear Testing
Corruption Targeted by President
Kazakhstan Finishes Third at First Islamic Solidarity Games
Universities from Arizona, Almaty Become Partners

April 14, Vol. 5, No. 15

Kazakhstan to Provide Food, Technical Assistance to Kyrgyzstan
New Election Chief Pledges Fairness and Transparency
American Top Sergeant Visits Kazakhstan Counterpart
Government Proposes 12 Percent Budget Deficit Increase
Kazakhstan Attracts US$8.4 Billion in Foreign Investment in 2004
EDC Agrees on CDN$30.5 Million Credit for Exports to Kazakhstan

April 7, Vol. 5, No. 14

Emotion and Pride over the Pope among Kazakhs
Astana Akim Visits Ottawa to Share Experience
Kazakhstan's Medium-Term Economic Outlook Remains Robust
Mobile Telephone Use Skyrockets in Kazakhstan

March 31, Vol. 5, No. 13

Kazakhstan to Respect Kyrgyz People’s Choice of Leader
Georgia’s President Visits Astana Promoting Cooperation
Kazakhstan Buys 50 Percent of BG’s Stake in Kashagan
Astana City Court Bans Hizb-ut-Tahrir
Polyakov Takes 200 Breaststroke U.S. Championship

March 24, Vol. 5, No. 12

Kazakh President Offers Help to Keep Peace in Neighboring Kyrgyzstan
Two Versions of Jury Trials on the Table in Kazakhstan
Parliament Slashes List of Licensed Activities
Kazakhstan Continues Talks on Joining Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan

March 17, Vol. 5, No. 11

Prosecutor General Requests Ban of Hizb-ut-Tahrir
Tokaev Says Kazakhstan Seeks Political Model to Enhance Democratic Credentials
Majilismen Call for Quicker Accession to Transparency Initiative
WEF to List Kazakhstan in Global Competitiveness Report
More Than 250 New Schools to Be Built in Next Three Years
Ministry Moves Ahead with Planning for Economic Clusters
Kazakhstan Abolishes Daylight Saving Time

March 11, Vol. 5, No. 10

Kazakh Legislators Visit Counterparts in Washington
Semipalatinsk to Receive $60 Million in Government Help
Special Economic Zone to Emerge in South Kazakhstan
U.S. Report Notes Challenges, Encouraging Trends in Kazakhstan’s Fight against Drug Trafficking
Kiwis Watch as Kazakh Athlete Wins Triple Gold

March 4, Vol. 5, No. 9

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Will Work toward Free Trade Zone
Bolashak Scholarships to Skyrocket from 100 to 3,000
Kazakhs Migrate to Yale
Kazakhstan’s Home Mortgage Market Triples Every Year

Vol. 5, No. 8

Shanghai Group Moves Ahead, Calls for Nuclear Weapons Free Central Asia and Korean Peninsula
President Signs Anti-Extremism Law
Kazakhs Show More Trust in Courts, Supreme Court Says
First Anti-Corruption Textbook Sees Light

Vol. 5, No. 7

OSCE Chairman-in-Office Visits Kazakhstan
Economy Grows 9.4 Percent in 2004, Strong Growth to Continue in 2005 and Beyond
Kazakh Engineers Create Universal Amphibious Car
Kazakhstan’s Ice Hockey Team Wins Place at 2006 Turin Olympics, Stunning Austria and France

Vol. 5, No. 6

Senate Leader Visits Washington to Promote Stronger Ties
Parliament Approves Anti-Extremism Bills
Government Cuts Red Tape, Literally
OECD Raises Kazakhstan’s Export Risks Rating
Kazakh Concerts at Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall “A Success”
First International Arbitration Court Opens in Kazakhstan

Vol. 5, No. 5
Special issue:

Kazakh Concert in DC Draws Reviews from The Washington Post, The Washington Times

Vol. 5, No. 4

Commission Report Says Iraq Explosion Which Killed Kazakh and Ukrainians No Accident; Bush Sends Condolences
Kazakhstan President Seeks Unified Global Strategy in Fighting Against Terrorism
Harvard Professor Says Kazakhstan Potential Regional Economic Center
Kazakh Folk Music Ensemble Charms Tucson

Vol. 5, No. 3

Border Treaty with Russia Competes Kazakhstan’s Quest for Full Statehood
Muslims in Kazakhstan Celebrate Kurban Ait
Prison Population Down to 44,500, Half of Seven Years Ago

Vol. 5, No. 2

First Kazakh Soldier Killed in Iraq, Four Wounded
Nazarbayev, Putin Discuss Border Delimitation, Cooperation in Energy, Security
Kazakh Crackdown on Human Trafficking Continues
Romeo and Juliet Played Out on Kazakh Steppes
Kazakhstan’s Gold, Forex Reserves Grow 67.5% in 2004

Vol. 5, No. 1

Kazakhstan Sends Humanitarian Assistance to Sri Lanka, Pledges More
Russian Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas in Kazakhstan
U.S. Says No Anti-Semitism in Kazakhstan

Melodies and Songs of the Kazakh Steppes

First ever concerts of Kazakh traditional and classical music in the United States of America

February 1-3, 2005
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Industrial and Innovation Strategy:
New Business Opportunities

September 8-9, 2005
San Diego, CA
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