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About the US-Kazakhstan Business Association
Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

International Division is pleased to offer you a broad range of banking services related to trading of goods, technologies, equipment delivery, construction services, consulting etc.

Exporter (seller) is primarily interested in maximization of cash inflows, in receiving immediate payment for goods sold and minimization (mitigation) of risks and losses resulting from non-payment, which can be achieved through the usage of credit protection ensuring payment mechanisms.

Importer (buyer) is usually aiming at getting the goods quality and order specification compliance guarantee. Moreover, buyers are interested in most favourable payment terms to optimize their cash flows.

To create a balance between the importer and exporter, a financial intermediary is required.

International Division as a financial intermediary is an advisor and assistant in documentation compilation, optimal execution and financing of the contract between the buyer and the seller. We shall help you to perform the deal at minimum risk.
Understanding that quick and qualitative outcome is your priority, we are offering you the services that we believe will prove to be of interest to you.
-Structuring contract terms of goods and services delivery, installation and commissioning works, equipment testing, launching, financial settlement terms, turn-key contracts, etc.;
-Financing opportunities: short-term - up to one year, medium-term - one to five years, long-term - over five years;
-If necessary, consumer market identification, negotiating with business partners to reach agreement on the offered contract terms;
-Financing origination, arranging meetings with partners (investors) both for the company and for specific transaction;
-Structuring of the existing deal requiring re-financing and/or restructuring;
-Swift performance - from the moment of application submission to receiving ready terms - 3 to 14 days;
-New improved and updated instruments of foreign trade settlements and financing -as a result of high professionalism of the personnel trained at the leading foreign banks;
-Appointment of separate employee to service your company given good relationship level and permanent volume of export and import transaction;
-Close relationship (recommendations on optimization of taxation, financing cost and prices reduction, deferral of payment, exchange transactions to avoid exchange losses, assistance in obtaining transaction passport)

Trade Finance Products:

I.   Credit lines and finance sources (EGA, EBRD, ID etc.):
-Credit lines for confirmation of letters of credit, guarantees, pre- and post-financing of trade transactions from first-class foreign banks;
-Loans from financial institutions: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Islamic Development Bank, etc. ;
-Lines from Export Credit Agencies (ECA's). ECA is a financial institution whose role and objectives are to stimulate exports by direct lending or, in most cases, by insuring lender bank in the exporter's country;

II.   Consulting: products basket:
-Arranging meetings and preliminary negotiations: general consultation and/or advising on specific transaction;
-Contract and pre-contractual terms study;
-Recommendations on transaction execution;
-Determination of trade and financial instruments, combination of instruments;

III.  Structuring of the transaction and its specific terms:
-Turn-key transactions
-Existing transaction requiring re-financing and/or restructuring;
-Contract designing: detailed calculation and outline of contractual terms - delivery and payment terms, financial outline of the deal.
-If necessary - search of the partner;
-Negotiating with the partners in business to agree on the offered terms of contract;
-Negotiating with all the partners, preparation of the documentation background of the financial instrument;
-Transfer of the transaction for further issue and servicing to L/C or Guarantee Dept.;
-In the event of non-performance or amendments during the course of transaction -successful accomplishment of the deal;
-Origination and arrangement of financing;

IV. Execution: Issue - Servicing - Monitoring - Closure
-Issue and servicing of import letters of credit and guarantees with and without cover;
-Issue and servicing of import letters of credit with confirmation and guarantees with first-class foreign banks' warrant;
-Advising and servicing of export guarantees and letters of credit, arrangement of post-export finance;
-Examination of documents for payment or paid;
-Collection - import and export;
-Financial collection, forfeiting, disclaiming of bills;

Instruments for settlement:
-Open account;
-Documentary collection, clean collection;
-Letter of credit, stand-by letter of credit;
-Bank guarantee;
-Bill of exchange and promissory note, draft acceptance and other.

To submit application:

For consultation or a service, issue of letter of credit or guarantee you only have to
submit an application form to International Division containingthe following information:
1.   Details of the Applicant and contact person:
2.   Contract or pre-contract term:
-Subject and amount of the purchase/sale;
-period and date of delivery;
-number and quality of the goods;
-name of the exporter/ importer;
3. Transaction cover details:
-Cash cover or pledge;
-Required amount and financing period;
-Other requirements of the customer;
In case when the collateral is a pledge, the customer isdirected tothe Credit Department for relevant approval.

Your business will benefit from convenient, inexpensive and safe forms of settlements under contracts and beneficial terms of financing.

Contact persons:

International Division:
Lebaeva Sholpan                Tel.: 3272 504070
e-mail: iebaeva@turanalem.almaty.kz
Commodity Trade Finance
Sarsembaeva Zhamilya       Tel.: 3272 504080
e-mail: sarsembaeva@turanalem.almaty.kz

Import Trade Dept:
Shakhnovich Olga                Tel.: 3272 504082
e-mail: shakhnovich@turanalem.almaty.kz

Letters of Credit Dept:
Abdykalykova Dina               Tel.: 3272 504084
e-mail: a_dina@turanalem.almaty.kz

Guarantees Dept:
Aykimbaeva Zhanar              Tel.: 3272 504090
e-mail: janara@turanalem.almaty.kz

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