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Claim for the investment N________

Date "__"________ 2000

Name of the company: Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk"

Address: East-Kasakhstan Region, Tugyl settlement

Telephone: 8-323-442-13-339

Fax: 8-323-442-13-39

E-mail: no

Contact Person: Sapanov Bolat Arinbekovich

Information about company

Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk" - piscatorial and fish-processing factory. It was established in 1934. Annual production volume is stated in sum of 60 million tenge. Annual catch is 3 000 tons. Personnel staff is 450. Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk" is occupied with catch, fish-processing and storage of 6 species of fish: perch, pike-perch, tench, carp, pike and bream.

The main species of fish are: bream (80%),pike-perch(10%), the rest (10%). Fishing is conducted in Lake Zaisan. Annual volume of potential catch in the lake is 14 000 tons. From Since 1997 Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk" is under "Zhibek-Zholy" company's management, which has started to attract investments. The investments are used for overhaul of the Factory and its fleet, purchase of new vessels, purchase of necessary materials for vessels, replenishment of floating funds, for fry breeding development, improvement and construction of cleaning facility. As a result of such reconstruction industrial capacities will be considerably increased.

Beside fresh-frozen fish the company produces dried and smoked fish. The main customers of the fresh- frozen products are home markets, and markets of Russia, China, Holland and Germany.

Financial position:




834 440


624 033


324 182

Profit or Loss


-107 001


-55 224




430 023






Investment project

Name of the investment project: Organization Fish Processing of Exclusive Cycle Place of realization of the project: East Kazakhstan Region, Tugyl settlement Investment volume: US$ 1 400 000 Type of investment: loan resources

Repayment term of the project: 36 months Collateral Guarantee of the project: mortgage property Presence of Business Plan (Russian. English)

Description of the project

It is provided by the project to organize fish processing of exclusive cycle on the basis of existing working areas by means of placement additional processing lines and equipment on them. It is supposed to adjust output of fish sticks - half-finished product, frozen filleted fish, fish flour.

The main sale markets are the markets of Kazakhstan, Russia and foreign countries. Solvent potential demand for the products of Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk" is about US$ 240 000 in Kazakhstan and planning export is US$ 50 000. For realization of the named project the company will use loan resources in form of investment crediting in sum ofUS$ 1 400 000:

Building-US$109 015

Equipment - US$ 785808

Floating funds - US$ 505 177

It will allow to realize the construction of working areas, purchase and assemble equipment,

ensure floating capital.

Joint-Stock Company "Zaisanbalyk" realizes the project by means of participation of its

specialists in assembling and adjustment of equipment and direct manufacturing of the


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