Complex processing of a solid domestic waste

Company name: JSC “PARASAT”

Address of the company: 62, Adi Sharipov str. Almaty

Telephone, fax: 62-41-89, 50-93-09

Contact agent: Beliavsky Alexander Alexandrovich

Position: Manager

Information on the company

JSC “PARASAT” operates as enterprise since 1937.

Main goal of the enterprise up to 1996 was technical service of the city. Besides, in computer center processing and listing of notifications on payments for housing, public utilities, service of communication are made.

Since 1994 the enterprise is engaged in the removal and utilization of solid domestic waste.

In 1999 all special machines of the city intended for removal and utilization of solid domestic waste were handed on hire basis to JSC “Parasat” and also on the same condition waste processing plant and utilization polygon were accepted. In each region processing companies with limited liability were founded. “Parasat” has store houses and a railway dock; repairing workshops; transportation machines- 57 unites.

Number of the workers - 285 persons.

Financial state of the company






Sales volumes

USD Thousand




Profit or loss

USD Thousand




Assets of the company

USD Thousand








Investment project

Realization place: Almaty city

Necessary investment volume (USD thousand): 202160,0

Financing term: loan funds

Payback of the project: 84 months

Business plan: available in Russian and in English

Summery: One of the major problems is the organization of a complex on full utilization of solid domestic waste in Almaty. Realization of the project will allow: to use secondary resources; to improve exterior of the city; to promote full reanimation of collapsed in 1997 waste processing plant in “Dorozhnik” microdistrict; to receive profit at the expense of realization of the processed production.

This complex includes the following: sorting of solid domestic waste, production of building units by “Hydromex” technology, production of tubes and fitting from polypropylene, processing and utilization of solid domestic waste, processing of glass, production of fertilizers, spirit, processing of secondary plastics, production of solid fuel by “Bastimar” technology etc. Participation of investors, investment expenditure: equipment purchase, replenishment of circulating assets.

Planned effect from the investment introduced: increase of profit, creation of new working places.