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Creation of tourist ethnographic complex "Talhiz" for 250 beds in Almay region.

Development of tourist ethnographic complex, which will be allocated to the east from Talgar town. Complex will consist of two parts: folklore- ethnographic, including national houses of Kazakhstan nations and recreational, which consists of cottages and fitness complex.

"JibekJoly" company Almaty


5 years and 8 months


Tourist complex for 50 beds on the territory of Rakhmanovskiye Kluchi sanatorium in Belukha town.

Project for construction of tourist complex for 50 beds on the territory of Rakhmanovskiye Kluchi sanatorium in Belukha district which is popular tourist object. The sanatorium is the beginning of many tourist routes. Presence of criterias: beautiful mountain sight-seeing, hot springs, large and clean lakes, cedar forest,alp meadows, good road, electricity, long winter season-all these make this place very popular among tourists and leads to realization of the given project.

"Ekosistem" company Ust-Kamenogorsk




Medicinal-fitness complex "Nazugum" in Almaty region.

Construction of Medicinal-health complex "Nazugum", construction of the plant for pouring mineral water, construction of hothouses.

"Jibek Joly" company Almaty

5 168



Construction of the tourist complex "Kambash".

Construction of the tourist complex "Kambash" on the lake for 600-700 places. The complex will accept tourists all year round, as diversification in seasons exhibits possibility to avoid "lifeless season"

"SyrTrans Service" company Ltd. Kyzylorda

950 for the first stage (full cost of the project - from USD 6 mln up to 8 mln)




Development of mountain tourism in Zailiyskiy Alatau.

Project is proposed to construct network of 5 campings for 24 beds in high mountains, 2700-3200 meters above the sea, each with high autonomy and comfortable level. Locations of these camps were chosen in the way when they could perform functions for tourist servicing independently from each other and one complex. Besides each camp could be disposed in the way that on its base it could be possible to conduct some separate type of resting (mountaineering, alpine-sky, bicycle-tracking ete).

Republican alpine club "Alatau" Almaty


4 years and 10 months


Reconstruction of the mountain sports complex "Medeo Skate Rink".

The project for improvement of Educational Athletic facilities. Rehabilitation and modernization of Medeo Skate Rink in order to provide sport complex facilities ice skating to all citizens of Kazakhstan and tourists.

"Medeo Sport Complex" State Organization





Construction of water-sport health complex "Alakol" for 100 beds in Alakol district, Almaty region.

Placing of the water-sport fitness complex for 100 seats is envisaged in the eastern coast Alakol lake, which is situated 100 km to the west from Zhungare Gates. Number of conditions: (clean water, sunny warm days, fresh wind, transport accessibility, closeness of the region center, absence of similar sport reconstructions and ets) are conductive to successful implementation of given project. There are fine convictions for tourists, founds of fishing.

"Silk Road-Kazakhstan" National company




Construction of mountain ski resort "Turgen" for 250 beds in Almaty region.

Tourism and sport object. Construction is situated in 100 km to the east from Almaty in picturesque bank of the river Turgen and corresponds to normative demands for organization of high-mountain complex of all year round functioning. There are spur -track and preconditions for the complex development of engineering infrastructure.

"Silk Road-Kazakhstan" National company



Total amount of investments required USD 18 mln 555 thousands


Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for tourism and sport:


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473000 Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone: (3172) 750436,751740


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