Dairy trends goat husbandry farm with hydroponn unit for green forage for 1000 heads of main milk goat's flock.


Company profile

"Ainagul" farm is a private ownership, was established in January 1994. Farm is working at cultivation of vegetable products, animal husbandry and commercial activity (realization of food products, produced in Republic of Kazakhstan). The peculiarity of farm activity is explaining by the region climate conditions: dry climate, shortage of fresh water and green grass that makes barrier to the developing of vegetable cultivation and animal husbandry in oblast. The experiences of farm at difficulty overcoming could be useful for another regions of Kazakhstan with similar climate conditions.

Production activity of farm is concentrated in Ainagul village in outskirts of Aktau town around "Koskuduk" well, where is an opportunity to use existent productive resources: land, water and experts. Farm has 55 hectares of privet property land, which could be object of mortgage.

Charter capital: 35 300 USD

Type of ownership: private.

Number of personnel: 15 plus 10 seasonal employees.

Brief description of the project

Project location: Mangystau oblast, Aktau town. On the place there is the wells with fresh water, the

railway and highways are passing nearly.

Investment required: 2 381 000 USD.

Terms of financing: creation ofJV or long term credit.

Payback period: 9 years.

Project guaranties: In March 1998 The President of Republic of Kazakhstan gave assignment to

National Oil and Gas company to be as a guarantee of credits payback in case of money getting for

project realization.

Nowadays in Kazakhstan keeping work of milk goats breeding. This project permits not only deliver the goats milk on Aktau market, but also breed and deliver pedigree goat kids of milk breed to farms of Mangystau oblast and another oblast of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Delivery and assembling and also purchasing of Arabic, Israelite and another milk breeds will provide Spanish firm "Eleusis-intemational" by concluded Contract.

This Contract is trend to creation of goat husbandry farm for 1000 heads of high productive milk goats with hydropone unit for cultivation of green forage. In case of green grass absence in region this project can provide the creation of own fodder base.

This project provides for construction of premises, purchasing and assembling of hydropone and another equipment for germinate for barley grain. Out of 750 kg of barley grain germinate 5 tons of green mass in 8 days. This green mass is irreplaceable fodder addition for animals.

Addition of green mass in hay in definite proportion permits to cattle to increase weigh and fat of milk. The purchasing equipment permits annually provide cattle with green mass.

Financial resources necessary for:

cost of flock - 30 615 000 tenge (400 196 USD);

cost of equipment with assembling work - 131 401 000 tenge (1717 660 USD);

cost of project researching - 3 900 000 tenge (50 980USD);

cost of launching - 16 250 000 tenge (212 418USD).

Domestic settlements, industrial cities and oil estates are the main consumers. Balanced fodder base provided by domestic and imported from another regions of the Republic rude fodder and green fodder additions cultivated on the base of industrial hydroponics. This technology is widely used in different countries and climate conditions of Mangistau oblast permits its wide expansion. The power engineering of production and processing of agricultural products and also the consumer needs of employees occupated in production can solve by using of air electric power stations with accumulated systems of continuously distribution of electrical energy. This systems are good worked out and widely used in similar climate conditions by low solidity of population.

Nowadays, consumption of dairy products in Mangystau oblast provided on 5% only. According this, organization of goat husbandry farm of dairy trends, based upon up-to-date ecologically clear technology of growing up fodder's, it's actually. Realization of the project will provide settlements and oil estates of the oblast with dietician dairy and meat products by breeding of pedigree kid's cattle, will be the start point for developing of milk animal husbandry in other oblasts of the republic.

To pick up more information, please contact Kazakhstan Investment Promotion Center

on the/allowing address: Almaty, Alteke bi 67,

tel. (3272) 624810, 625297; fax. (3272) 501277, e-mail: kazinvesl@kazinvest.kz