Investment project

Name of investment project Building of waste sorting factory

Place of realization of the project (region, city) Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau

Investment volume ($ USA) 7,75 million dollars USD

Type of investment (in case of the loan - show interest rate, direct investment)


External investments, credit facilities, the lengthwise investor party, grant

Repayment term of the project (in month) -

Collateral Guarantee of the project (fixed assets, securities, other) Fixed assets (buildings, technique, land places)

Present Business plan (Russian, English) -Description of the project

Purchase and installation of sorting line with automatic and handling sorting of hard - social wastes of Moscow factory "Stankoagregat" with the annual power - 60,0 thousand tones.

The bases of technology are hard wastes sorting with isolation those fractions, which are suitable for re-making in the second resources, with the possibility of compression and method of briquette. This method allows to simplified to store, to transport, re-making and burial.

The region requiring in heat isolation materials, water supply and canalization pipes came to several hundreds tones a year.

Its propose to make the water supply materials from paper -waste, and the canalization pipes, pails, jerricans and basins from the plasmas wastes.

There is the technology and equipment/or these purposes.

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