The investment project

Name of the investment project: Renovation of the main production of joint-stock company "Almatv yeasty plant".

Place of implementation of the project: 2 Nurmakov str., Almaty

Demanded a volume, (thousand US dollars): 9585,7

Condition of financing: individual share, or creation of joint venture

Payback of the project: 72 months

The warranties under the project: a fixed capital.

The business - plan: Is presented

The brief description of the project: Now power of firm makes - 8 thousand tons annually, while the requirement for given production makes 26 thousand tons annually. The plant provides with production basically only central and southern areas of republic. The kept deficit of baking yeast is covered at the expense of import of this production from countries of short-range and distant foreign countries, under the price is lower made on JSC "Almaty yeasty plant", but conceding on quality. The alleged renovation of firm will allow twice lowering the prices for production, to increase its quality and essentially to expand a commodity market.

Participation of the investors, for what purposes the investments will be spent: acquisition of the equipment, other.

Planned effect from an intrusion of the investments: increase of me profit Profitability of the investments: 10,9 %

The investment application The name of the object; Joint-stock company "Almatv yeasty plant "

The address of the company: 2 Nurmakov str., Almaty Telephones, fax: 42-24-09,42-28-00 Contact agent: Egutkin Yury Position: The president of the company

The information about the company

Joint-stock company "Almaty yeasty plant" unique in republic specialized firm on production of pressed and dried baking yeast, acts since 1969.

The territory of a plant makes 19 thousand square meters, on it are located: the industrial body, warehouses, 5 storehouses of the main raw material in total amount 9 thousand tons, is present blow well for obtaining a service water in production etc. The industrial lab is equipped with the newest production equipment.

The plant has not the claim on quality of production. Repeatedly participated both in republican, and in the international exhibitions. So, on the exhibition - fair with competition of quality "Grocery market Kazakhstan-1999" in Almaty all production of firm was awarded by grand-prix and Honorary Diploma. In January, 2000 for the reached successes in preservation of stability, dynamics of frame and skill to survive in conditions of financial and economic crisis by the solution of co-ordinating committee of Association of assistance of a national industry of France (SPI) the Golden Medal is assigned to the "Almaty yeasty plant". Number of the workers -160. The volume of implementation of baking yeast in the market takes about 20%.

Financial condition of the company





Sales volumes

Thousand dollars.




Profit or loss

Thousand dollars.




Assets of the company

Thousand dollars.