Congress of the United States
Washington, DC 20515
September 16, 2003

His Excellency
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Astana, Kazakhstan

Dear President Nazarbayev:

We, the members of the U.S. Congress, support your efforts to promote dialogue between nations and religions, and to reduce the tensions between various faiths.

The Congress of World and Traditionally National Religions, which will be conducted under your auspices, is as timely as ever. Nowadays, it is important to show the world the spiritual and moral unity of all religions that call for tolerance and mutual understanding, and to oppose extremists who would use religion to condone terror.

Mr. President, we are grateful to you for taking consistent and concrete steps to bridge the growing divide between Muslims and Jews at a time when tension in the Middle East is at a fulcrum, and intolerance and anti-Semitism are rising worldwide.

The upcoming Astana forum of the leaders of major world and traditional religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, as well as Hinduism, Taoism and Shinto will be Kazakhstan's worthy contribution to the promotion of peace and harmony during these difficult times.

It would be fair to express to you and to the people of Kazakhstan our appreciation for your unconditional help to the United States in our global campaign against international terror. We consider this upcoming Congress as yet another proof of your unswerving support in the fight against this evil.

We believe Kazakhstan will continue to play a crucial role in promoting world peace as it stands as an exmaple of how more than 130 ethnic groups and 40 faiths can live in peaceful coexistence.

Wishing you and the participants of the Congress every success,


Sam Brownback (R-KS)
Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT)
Rep. Chris Bell (D-TX)
Rep. Eni Faleomavaega (D-American Samoa)
Rep. Major Owen (D-NY)
Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA)
Rep. George Radanovich (R-CA)
Rep. Bobby Rush (R-IL)
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA)
Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA)
Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-NY)
Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL)