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January 10, 2007                                               Vol. 7, No. 2

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New Government Called on to Speed
Kazakhstan’s Development

Karim K. Massimov, a prominent economist, became Kazakhstan’s new Prime Minister on January 10. His nomination by President Nursultan Nazarbayev was unanimously approved by the country’s Parliament earlier on Wednesday.

Prior to his appointment, Massimov served as
Deputy Prime Minister in charge of strategic
economic planning. His earlier positions
included Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of
Economy and Budget Planning, Assistant to
the President, Minister of Transportation and
Communications, and chairman of two large
private banks in Kazakhstan. Massimov was
educated at universities in Moscow and
Beijing, as well as at Columbia University in
the United States. He holds a Ph.D. in
economy and a law degree. In addition to
Kazakh and Russian, he is fluent in English,
Chinese and Arabic.

Massimov, 41, is the youngest prime minister
in Kazakhstan’s independent history and has
a strong reputation of a reformer with rich
experience in both government and private
sectors. This is especially timely for the
country these days as it readies for a new
surge in its economic and political

Introducing Massimov to both houses of
Parliament, President Nazarbayev said the
new Government’s main task will be to
develop and implement the strategy for
bringing Kazakhstan into the ranks of the
world’s 50 most competitive nations. This
strategy, announced by the President in his
annual state-of-the-nation address last year,
will include steps such as implementing a
strategy of sustainable growth of competitiveness, introducing new methods and mechanisms of state management as part of administrative reform, improving the effectiveness of budget planning, selecting regional centers of economic growth, improving the quality of education and healthcare, as well as implementing specific breakthrough projects to improve the country’s economic structure.

The President said he had discussed these challenges many times with Massimov who has “a clear understanding and plans for action in all areas of activity.”

“The desire to bring a new generation of leaders into the government dictated my decision to accept the resignation of the previous government,” President Nazarbayev explained. “I am confident Karim Massimov has the knowledge and experience and the new Government will present a program which will affirm and build on Kazakhstan’s successes.”

Addressing the Parliament, the new Prime Minister declared: “Last year, the President set strategic goal of bringing Kazakhstan into the ranks of the world’s 50 most competitive nations, and the new Government’s most important task will be to achieve that goal, to ensure sustainable growth of Kazakhstan’s competitiveness, to implement administrative reform and to increase productivity, especially in the non-raw materials sector.”

Massimov’s appointment as the Prime Minister is another important step by President Nazarbayev towards further modernization and to the speeding up of economic, social and political development of Kazakhstan, a recognized leader in Central Asia and a strategic partner of the United States.

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